メキシコ横断旅の都市の回り方★How to travel around Mexico★


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This time I would like to introduce what route i traveled around the city when i traveled to Mexico for 25days ♪


今回行った箇所(Where I went this time)







Cancun → Tulum → Valladolid → Merida

→ Oaxaca → San Jose Pacifico → Masunte Sipolite

→ Oaxaca → Puebla → San Luis Potosi → Wadre

→ Guanajuato → Mexico City (25days)




都市間の移動の方法(How to move between cities)






1.カンクン/3泊4日 Cancun/4days3night

  • 日本でもハネムーンで有名なカンクン。


Cancun is famous for its honeymoon in Japan.

A beach resort town with a beautiful Caribbean Sea ★



↓ 2H/バス 2H/BUS



2 . トゥルム/2泊3日  Tulum/3days2night

  • グランセノーテ  Gran Cenote

  • トゥルム遺跡  Tulum Ruins



↓ 2H/バス 2H/BUS



3.バヤドリド /3泊4日 Valladolid/4days3night

  • チェチェンイッツァ  Chechen Itza

  • セノーテスイトゥン Cenote Suitun



↓ 3H/バス   3H/BUS




4.メリダ/2泊3日  Merida / 3 days 2 nights

  • ウシュマル Uxmal

  • セノーテザシ CenoteZACI




↓ 2H/飛行機  2H / Airplane


Airplanes are cheaper than buses, and long-distance travel is suppressed in a short time, so planes are recommended!







4.オアハカ/1泊2日  Oaxaca / 1 night 2 days

  • オアハカ料理はメキシコの中でも1番おいしかった♥  Oaxaca cuisine was the best in Mexico ♥



↓ 3H/バス・山道のためバス激揺れ  3H / Bus. shakes due to mountain road



5.サンホセパシフィコ/1泊2日 San Jose Pacifico / 2 days 1 night

  • 山の中にある小さな田舎町 A small country town in the mountains
  • ヒッピー村 Hippie village



↓ 3H/バス・山道のためバス激揺れ 3H / Bus. shakes due to mountain road




6.マスンテ・シポリテ/2泊3日 Masunte Sipolite / 3 days 2 nights

  • 最高に海がきれいな小さな町。ハワイみたいにきれいな海が広がっています★カンクンの海よりも私はここの海の方が好きでした  A small town with the cleanest sea. A beautiful ocean like Hawaii is spreading ★ I liked the ocean here more than the ocean in Cancun ♥
  • シポリテはヌーディストビーチ  Sipolite is a nudist beach



↓6H/バス・山道のためバス激揺れ 6H/Bus. shakes due to mountain road




7.オアハカ/1泊2日 Oaxaca / 1 night 2 days

  • バス乗り換えのため1泊。 1 night for bus transfer
  • ご飯がおいしいのでご飯堪能 Enjoy oaxca food because it is very delicious



↓6H/バス 6H/BUS



8.プエブラ・チョルラ/1泊2日  Puebla Cholula / 2 days and 1 night

  • オーストラリア語学学校で一緒だった友達と再会♥  Reunite with friends who were together at an Australian language school ♥



↓8H/バス 8H/BUS




9.サンルイスポトシ/1泊2日  San Luis Potosi / 2 days 1 night

  • バス乗り換えのため1泊。 1 night for bus transfer
  • 思ったよりも大きな町。観光客は全然いなくて日本人2人で歩いているとかなり見られた(笑)A town bigger than I expected. There was no tourist at all, and it was quite seen when walking with two Japanese people.



↓3H/バス 3H/BUS




10.ワドレー/3泊4日  Wadeley / 3 nights 4 days

  • 砂漠の中にあるかなり小さな田舎町。A pretty small country town in the desert.
  • メキシコ人の友人のおじさんに会いに★Meet my Mexican friend  uncle ★
  • 田舎町ほど人が優しくて最高。Persons are as gentle and wonderful as the countryside.
  • 自然に触れる。Touch nature.




   5H / bus (change bus at San Luis Potosi)



11.グアナファト/2泊3日  Guanajuato / 3 days 2 nights

  • 街自体が世界遺産  The city itself is a World Heritage Site
  • 宝石箱をひっくり返したような街♥ A nice city with like a jewelry box turned over
  • ディズニー映画「リメンバーミー」のイメージとなった町。The town that became the image of the Disney movie “Remember Me”



↓ 4H/バス 4H/BUS



12.メキシコシティ/2泊3日 Mexico city/3days 2night

  • メキシコの首都   Capital of Mexico
  • 地下鉄も走っていて大きな町  They have subway at the big city









This time, I introduced the route and travel time between cities when I traveled to Mexico.

Mexico has different town atmospheres and things that can be explored, so if you have time, you should visit various cities! Every town was so wonderful that i couldn’t decide where it was best, but if you are sightseeing in a short period of time, “Guanajuato”. If you have a lot of time and want to relax, the “Masunte Sipolite” with the sea is recommended ♥

I hope that it will be useful for those who travel to Mexico from now on ♪

see you soon ^^





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